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Taking Chances

We all have something that we fear, whether its heights, insects, flying, water, public speaking, the fear of failure or even success, etc can tie us up in knots. Often times these fears keep us from realizing our dreams and sometimes reaching the full potential of what God has in store for us. While on vacation my fears were put to the test. I had the opportunity to do somethings that I would not normally for the fear of it. However. on this trip I was challenged to step up, to be brave. I climb a tower up 150 narrow, winding, open steps; I went on a Ferris wheel for the first time in my life. I had a severe case of anxiety and panic but I did it. When I got to the top and saw the breath taking view, i had to think about all the other opportunities I missed because I allow fear to get the best of me. Just think of what I would have missed had I not taken the chance and been brave. My hashtag for this year has been #TAKEACTIONIN2019 God is calling you and I to a great adventure, it will require faith over fear. In what areas of your life are you struggling with that you need to conquer your fears and take a risk? #BEBRAVE God's perfect love casts out all fear. Embrace his love and believe in him.

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