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Mining for God

In our quest to gain stuff, to live out the American dream, many have traded in true riches to mine for "fools gold." Fools gold looks just like the real thing from afar, it glitters and shines, and if we are not careful, like so many others, we could lose everything in pursuit of it. Solomon calls it chasing the wind. Every thought, idea, or dream should be tested against God's word, something may be good, but it may not be what God has planned for you right now. And even if you get the"Amen" from friends and family or even from a trusted source, you have to run it through the filter of God's Word and prayer to ensure that you are not chasing after an imitation of what God has planned for you. When we remove our desires and seek after his desire alone, then and only then will we know what is true. The abundant life God has planned out for you is better than you could ever imagine

for yourself.

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