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A Tale of Two Farmers

I heard a story of two farmers who prayed for rain but only one prepared his land for the rain. Often we pray for God to move in our lives but we do nothing to prepare ourselves for what it is that we want. Just think about it, if God gave you everything that you asked for today would you be ready? I had this goal while I was going through my cancer treatments that I was going to complete a 10K, I thought about it and thought about it for a few years but took no action. Then I was put among a group of ladies that wanted to participate, I started training by walking but had not walked the full course. Event day came and I was there on my own. I walked and completed the course but I was exhausted, I hurt from the crown of my head to the bottom of my feet. That pain almost caused me to not do it again. Why did I have that experience? I had a goal, but not how to execute because I failed to adequately prepare for the journey. The next year rolled along, I had already walked it, I knew what to expect, I trained harder, I read, I went to classes, I spoke to people who were experts in marathons. I was set, I was ready. Maybe that's you, you have a dream, a goal that you want to achieve. And maybe like me, you tried it and it didn't turn out so well, you got hurt and you feel like giving up. I want to encourage you to, try it again but this time be prepared, find a mentor, take a class, talk with an expert in the area that you desire. Maybe your goal is to lose weight, walk to the corner and back, the next day go to the next, and so forth before you know it you have walked a mile and then two. Maybe your goal is to earn your GED, a bachelor's, or beyond do your research of colleges and schools, take a free class, etc. God is sending his rain but without preparation, you will yield no harvest.

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